Hello magnificent people!  Okay so I have been trying to start this new blog of mine for quite some time now and I haven’t been able to come up with anything I’ve thought was just this jaw-dropping, fabulous post so I have yet to write ANYTHING. It occured to me this evening when I was eating my grilled cheese and bean medley, while watching Gossip Girl that I’m not going to have some sort of awe inducing post because how exciting can my life be at this moment? I’m a 20 year old part time college student with no clue as to what I want to do…I guess that’s not really true, but I just don’t know where to start. I do a lot of nothing, working, hanging out with my dog and bitching. On to more exciting things!

I just got the new Anthropologie fall magazine in, I took it to my history class and drooled all over it while I pretended to listen to my Professor.  It’s sort of depressing but mostly just super exhilarating. I found a dress that I simply can not live without, and at this point it’s looking like I’ll be having to live without it. Sigh sigh sigh huff sigh.  Alassss, BEHOLD THE GLORY THAT IS THE Recollections Dress:

Recollections Dress

I’m not really sure if the picture shows? I’m still figuring out this whole wordpress business.

The dress isn’t so much a looker from the front on a mannequin but oh good god, you go to anthropologie’s website and you look at the behind view of that dress and you will DIE DIE DIIIIIE! Oh it’s so perfect.

I’ll let you soak this all in.